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Founded in year 2020 with the main aim to provide global forwarders and logistics related industry players the GLOBAL PLATFORM to connect all members around the world with a reasonable membership fees in line with our motto “We Connect “YOU” to the World”.

What drives us to start this NETWORK at the beginning is because we found that most of the network charges high membership fees with limited benefits offered by the networks. Some even offered no benefits at all.

GSL Network is unbiasedly managed and operated to truly benefit every member company.


GSL Network has been experiencing significant growth, and we are committed to fostering a community of dedicated and high-quality members. To ensure this, starting from January 1st, 2024, we will be implementing a modest membership fee of USD 800.00 per company. This measure will help us eliminate non-participating members and support our day-to-day operations and maintenance. We just need to sustain our operation cost as it is now being absorb by management to help our fellow members during Covid 19 pandemic. We do sincerely hope that all our members manage to get back on their feet by now. The pandemic has hit us hard and we are still in the recovery process. We do hope things will be normalized soon.
Membership fee of USD 800.00 per company will include Payment Protection Plan (PPP). Management has agreed to put a phase 1 of PPP which will cover members up to USD 7,500.00 per claim for 2024. For phase 2 of PPP, continuing members will receive coverage up to USD 12,500.00 per claim OR per year. Management will continue to grow the pool by adding USD 5,000.00 per year until the maximum capped amount of USD 50,000.00 is reached. Rest assure that we will continue to do intense vetting on our members to make sure they are legitimate Freight Forwarders in their respective countries.


For Company
$ 800 for 1st year
$500 subsequent year/company
  • Subject to
  • Protection Fund: included Claim up to USD 50,000.00 per year
  • Banking Fee: USD 25


For Subsidiary Company
$ 500 for 1st year
$250 subsequent year/company
  • Subject to
  • Protection included Claim up to USD 50,000.00 per year
  • Banking Fee: USD 25

Why choose us

Reasonable membership fee with benefits

Annual conference for members worldwide

Payment protection scheme

Non-exclusive organized network