Perks for Members

We would like our members to enjoy WORLD CLASS benefit as follows

  1. Reasonable membership fee with benefits comparable to mature networks.
  2. Annual conference for members to get together and foster good partnership.
  3. Payment protection scheme for non-payment of another member with limit up to USD 2,000. (coming soon)
  4. Non Exclusive Network – continue working with your existing Agent/Partner or select any GSL Network Member
  5. A highly responsive Headquarter that understands our industry.
  6. Agency Agreement applicable between all GSL Network Members.
  7. Referral system whereby Members get credit towards future Membership fees.
  8. GSL Network EXCLUSIVE member-responsive Forum which allows members to post any enquiries and questions for other members globally to respond.
  9. World class training session with certification from experienced trainers.
  10. Special Marine Cargo insurance premium for members. (coming soon)
  11. Payment gateway among members to save on bank processing fee. (coming soon)
  12. Every member is carefully screened before acceptance into our network, ensuring that only the best companies offering the highest standards of service are admitted. You can be sure that by working with a GSL Network company, you are working with the best.