Membership Terms & Conditions

All GSL Network members are requested to sign below agency agreement for mutual benefits of all members

  1. All members are obliged to provide full supports amongst one another.
  2. All members must settled all payments on invoices issued by another members within the period as agreed between the members. Both members agree to absorb their own respective bank charges from their bankers unless agreed otherwise.
  3. Member who has agreed to be the destination agent must ensure protection and remittance of all freight collect charges to the Principal. Granting of credit to the consignee is solely at the risk of the destination agent, unless agreed otherwise.
  4. Members who has agreed to be the destination agent must strictly observe the proper Marine rules and regulations on behalf of their Principal.
  5. Destination agent irrevocably and unconditionally indemnifies and holds harmless from and against any and all liabilities , claims, suits, actions, fines, damages, losses, costs and expenses ( including but not limited to court fees and reasonable attorney’s fee ) caused by or resulting from any actions or inactions of the destination agent, its employees and agents.
  6. Members must maintain proper and adequate insurance ( cargoes Liability Insurance ) . Members shall promptly furnish copies of the Certificates of Insurance and renewals of them to as evidence of the above coverage. Such certificates shall be effective upon the commencement of this membership and thereafter on the anniversary dates of the policies and shall provide that the foregoing insurance coverage shall not be terminated or reduced. If there is any change, members should inform GSL Network Management at least one month in advance.
  7. All members be accountable for the dealings of its subsidiaries / or parent company/ or associated company with a fellow member even if such subsidiaries /or parent company / or associated company is not itself a member of GSL Network.
  8. Members must respect other members’ existing customers bases and confidential business data and refrain from back selling.
  9. Members must be adequately staffed to ensure the highest level of services render on behalf of other fellow members.
  10. Members must inform GSL Network of any delinquencies by other fellow members and this including reports of any disputes, financial or otherwise , involving another fellow members.
  11. All members to keep GSL Network promptly informed of any changes to the company names, staffs, contact details and other informations as required.
  12. All members to pay GSL Network invoices promptly. All GNN invoices are due upon receipt via e mail and an invoice is deemed to have been received by a member on the same day that the e mail was sent if the e mail does not bounce back. Late payment of over 30 days from receiving of GSL Network invoice will not be accepted by GNN. 14 days before the membership expiry, final reminder of outstanding payments will be send to the affected members. Unless with valid reasons of explanations to GSL Network , memberships automatically ceased when payment is not received in due date.
  13. All payments to be made to GSL Network via bank transfer only n any bank transfer fee to be paid by the member.

This agreement has been executed in duplicate , with one copy for each party and both copies shall be deemed as original.

Members are automatically bound by GSL Network’s rules and regulations upon successful registration and payments.